About us

PlusNet Solutions was born almost spontaneously in the year 2000. A small but expert group of experts in Contact Centre technology joined forces under this name to form what would become the reference in Contact Center Professional Services.Our services are clearly oriented towards the integration of different technologies which make up Contact Centers.

 Today, PlusNet Solutions has achieved, not only this objective, but also a long trajectory within the field of support and training. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team and its almost non-existant turnover, PlusNet Solutions is growing everyday, almost without time to look at the past.



We believe that there’s never been a more challenging—or rewarding—time to be in the business of Contact Centre and selling technology to businesses.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy establishes the principles that PlusNet Solutions follows in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.

The main principles of our quality policy are the following:

  •  PlusNet will be recognized as an excellent company in all its areas of activity. Turn the youth of the company into a competitive advantage for the development of procedures and methods that will define a new style in the consulting and auditing world of the incorporation of information systems.
  •  Give our clients services distinguished for its quality in all areas: hiring, providing, treating and giving results.
  •  Align our commitment to the achievement of goals with the objectives of our clients. Have satisfied clients who are aware of the great decision they made when choosing PlusNet. Measure the satisfaction level that our clients have with PlusNet periodically.
  • Promote the implementation of a Continuous Improvement System which allows us to prevent nonconformities and to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our clients.
  • Involve all the organisation in the quality policy, guaranteeing a strong commitment from each member of PlusNet in quality management.
  • Encourage employee motivation and involvement and guarantee that our personnel have the appropriate training in order to carry out their activities, and the possibility of developing their personal abilities.
  • Establish quality goals and guarantee their fulfilment by including them in the Annual Strategic Plan of the company.
  • Promote the alliance and cooperation with clients and suppliers in the quality field.
  • Provide the necessary means for the implementation of a Quality Management and Assurance System according to the specifications established in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Together with our strategic positioning, our Quality Policy is the way of guaranteeing the growth and consolidation of our organisation. That is why, the General Management of PlusNet commits to help, provide and promote all those actions that will be taken in order to achieve the established quality goals.


  •  Founded in 2000.
  •  Headquartered in Madrid (Spain), with international focus. Multidisciplinary team with broad experience.
  •  More than 900 projects successfully delivered.
  •  Experts in Professional Services and a reliable partner.