CT ActiveX

Make your CTI developments look like child’s play

CTI Active X

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) applications are becoming increasingly common and are an essential part of the set of tools used to ensure the efficiency of a contact centre.

The cost savings that can be attained with these solutions is evident, in that Plusnet ActiveX CTI provides API development that accelerates the integration of your management applications or CRM with AVAYA telephony, and therefore it is not necessary to employ developers or expert partners, which use complex SDKs (Software Development Kits) that are specific to each manufacturer, to develop these solutions.

It maximises the performance of your Call Centre and the development resources at your disposal.


The product consists of a simple interface where we can find the functions and events that may be programmed, with the parameters and attributes that each one can handle. It is accompanied with documentation outlining the return values that may be received in each case.

Active X acts as an intermediary between the client’s application and the TSAPI server, handling telephony events in a transparent manner for the rest of the application’s code, which enables a management solution or CRM to be converted into a CTI application in a quick and modularly clean manner.


It eliminates the need to learn AVAYA proprietary SDK. This allows you to develop your CTI application without having to use the manufacturer’s specific APIs. If in the future you change the platform to another manufacturer, it will only be necessary to change the edition of your ActiveX to maintain your application running.

Rapid development

Plusnet ActiveX allows you to develop your solutions quickly, reducing costs and delivery schedules, which will increase customer satisfaction.


It is based on the use of standard components, thus allowing programmers to employ known Windows programming standards.


It provides access to an important number of TSAPI functions and events that will allow your developers to adapt the applications to your needs.



Functions supported:

  • MakeCall
  • MakePredictiveCall
  • ClearConnection
  • ClearCall
  • CallIsActive
  • MonitorCall
  • HoldCall
  • RetrieveCall
  • AnswerCall
  • TransferCall
  • ConferenceCall
  • MonitorCallsViaDevice
  • DeviceName
  • MonitorDevice
  • StopMonitor
  • SetAgentState
  • ClearCall
  • QueryAgentState
  • QueryLoginStation
  • StationOnCall
  • GetStationConnections
  • GetActiveConnection
  • RouteRegister
  • StopRouteRegister
  • RouteSelect
  • SingleStepConference
  • SkillInfo

User requirements:

Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES).