A great dialling solution that is easily implemented.

PD4Skill is excellent software for making calls. The ease with which it is installed and its intuitive configuration interface makes it an ideal solution for outbound campaigns.



PlusNet PD4Skill is the perfect solution for optimising your outbound calls by increasing contact ratios and increasing profitability. It is flexible, easy to manage and has a very competitive price.

Our progressive dialler takes advantage of the full power of AVAYA voice infrastructure (Communication Manager and Experience Portal) to offer you a complete outbound dialling solution that is easy to operate and quickly implemented.

In addition, the solution offers a complete API that allows for interaction with the dialler so as to carry out multiple operations, like for instance the programming and reprogramming of calls, changes in priority, rejecting calls or marking them as finalised.


The PD4Skill dialler is a completely configurable solution that allows you to manage campaigns via a simple Windows interface.  The campaigns, the code and name of the service are defined in this tool. Services are activated/disabled, and it is possible to manage queues, dialling parameters, times, redialling thresholds, etc.

The application includes a reporting module that allows you to export the data to use the information, or to add it to other client systems and complement it.

As an additional function it allows you to integrate it with other systems so that the data on the calls can be presented in the form of pop-ups, or the results of the calls recorded in the client’s business database.

Our progressive dialler allows an operator to carry out call blending, being simultaneously connected in outbound campaigns and call reception, so that output is optimised.

The possibility of integration with Avaya Experience portal allows for automatic outbound campaigns, without the need for agent intervention until required by clients, which increases the conversion ratios of your outbound campaigns and the possibilities of your Contact Centre.

Why choose PlusNet PSD4Skill?


Rapid return on investment

Thanks to its competitive price, rapid implementation and ease of use. Our dialler will be an efficient automated management tool of outbound telephone calls that your team will be able to handle with ease within a very short period of time.


Our product includes basic training so your employees can begin to use and take advantage of the full power offered by PSD4Skill as soon as possible.


PD4Skill requires a short learning curve, which means that maximum output can be fully attained quickly, both in terms of its administration, as well as in terms of use and reports.


It is a product based on development and communications industry standards, which endows it with greater robustness and reliability.


Platform Requirements:

  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES).
  • Avaya Voice Portal/Avaya Experience Portal, for automated outbound campaigns.


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server.