Know your clients opinions

Survey is a flexible solution that will allow you, by means of a telephone survey, to ascertain your clients’ opinions regarding your customer service.


This solution is based on an automatic voice application -IVR- that asks clients, who have previously called your contact centre, a series of questions defined by you. The survey takes place once your client has finished talking with the agent, or even when they have talked with your automatic customer service centre.

In addition, together with the PD4Skill solution, you will be able to carry out outbound surveys autonomously. You will have all the advantages of a dialling solution also with IVR surveys.

Your clients will respond to questions using their telephone’s keypad or via voice. In this manner you will instantly have at your disposal valuable information concerning your clients’ opinions of your company.

Through the administrator portal you will have the capacity to add, modify or eliminate different surveys, questions thereof and their possible responses, as well as define the criterion to determine which survey is carried out to each client.

Thanks to TTS (text to speech) technology you will able to prepare questions instantly, without having to previously record them, although if you prefer you may record them, maintaining the company’s corporate voice.

In addition, it has a more powerful mode that will allow you to ask your clients questions that are more complex than the common “Value from 1 to 5 the attention received”, thanks to the comprehensive response editor and voice recognition technology (ASR).


Obtain information from your clients

This solution will provide you with a new source of information, which until now you did not have at your disposal. You will be able to see online what your clients think about your company.

Potent administrator portal

IVR Survey has a complete administrator portal that will allow you to administer your surveys, questions and responses. You will also be able to establish rules concerning which surveys are carried out with which clients.

More complete questions; one step further

Apart from simple responses like “Yes/No” or “1”, thanks to the advanced response editor you will be able to use natural language expressions like for instance “Excellent” to questions of the type “How do you value our customer service?”

Instant changes

Thanks to the synthesised voice, any changes that you make to the survey’s questions will be available instantly, although if you prefer you can establish the locution of the questions manually, using the same voice as in the rest of the applications.

Make decisions in real time

You will have this information online. The results of the surveys will be stored in a database, and are shown in a report that will outline the data up until that precise moment.


IVR platforms:

  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal
  • Genesys Voice Portal
  • Nortel MPS
  • Voxeo Prophecy
  • Altitude and any IVR based on VoiceXML technology.


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server.

Application servers:

  • Apache Tomcat / Apache TomEE
  • Oracle Weblogic
  • IBM Websphere
  • Glassfish
  • Jetty
  • jBoss.

Operating system:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux

Recognition engines:

  • Nuance Recognizer
  • Loquendo ASR
  • Verbio

TTS engines:

  • Nuance Vocalizer
  • Loquendo TTS
  • Verbio.