Reading Meter App

Reading the meter was never so easy for your client.

Destined for companies that supply public utilities (gas, electricity and water), it will provide you with a telephone application where your clients may record meter readings in a comfortable and rapid manner.

Reading meter app

Reading meter app will offer you an additional alternative where you clients may record their meter readings in a comfortable and rapid manner.

The solution is based on a voice application -IVR- that automates the full process involved in collecting the meter readings of public utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.) and recording them within their systems.

It firstly authenticates the identity of the client through his/her identification document, which may be introduced via their telephone’s keypad or via voice, thanks to voice recognition technology. Once the client’s identity has been authenticated, he/she will be asked to introduce their meter’s reading, allowing for the introduction of the readings of other meters if the client has more than one contract.

It permits the possibility of using TTS technology (Text-To-Speech technology ) to offer a personalised greeting to each client, to confirm the data recorded therein, and to offer commercial information during the call.

This solution is easily implemented, fast and flexible, in that it can adapt to your business requirements.


Offer an alternative

It is important that the client feel comfortable with your company. To this end you can offer an alternative to the current estimation mechanisms employed in the reading of meters. Through the telephone channel you can implement a solution with which your clients will feel more comfortable.

Optimisation and cost savings

Having a call centre handling calls in which clients provide meter readings can have a high cost.
Reduce agent administration times in meter reading operations through the automation of calls, with the cost savings that this implies, with this packaged solution that has a low implementation cost.



IVR platforms:

  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal
  • Genesys Voice Portal
  • Nortel MPS
  • Voxeo Prophecy
  • Altitude and any IVR based on VoiceXML technology.


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Application servers:

  • Apache Tomcat / Apache TomEE
  • Oracle Weblogic
  • IBM Websphere
  • Glassfish
  • Jetty
  • jBoss.

Operating system:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux.
  • Verbio.