PlusNet Solutions Support Services

PlusNet Solutions Services is the answer to customer’s specific requirements. Our vast knowledge and experience enable the company to create and offer a specific set of trusted solutions already validated by our “Professional Services Team”.

We developed the portfolio based on three main lines of action:

  •                                              • Services Manager
  •                                              • Out-tasking
  •                                              • Customized support package


PlusNet Solutions Services Manager   is a senior level manager with the ability to “get things done”. Project management (PMP/Agile), customer internal processes development and documented (CAU), resources management, supplier project coordination, duty escalation point, SPOC, etc. are the typical Services Manager references.

With PlusNet Solution Out-Tasking Services the customers are the ones to decide the process, where it will be realised within their company and how PlusNet assumes specific project responsibility to deploy select infrastructure management activities. Call centre campaigns are a good example of our Out-Tasking services, including: understanding business requirements, scripts development, contacts file process, campaigns management and customized report.

Customized Support Package is a set of specific services defined in scope, execution time or number of performances. These services began as activities within projects and then have finally evolved to portfolio’s products. Customized Services Package is based on “pay at from” business model focusing on offering an optimal relationship between costs/benefits.