IVR Universe

Explore with maximum detail how your IVR works.

Improve your customer service by knowing how your clients interact and what they want from your voice portal, through this Business Intelligence system.

IVR Universe

IVR Universe is a potent and adaptable Business Intelligence solution for IVR, capable of showing generic and client personalised KPIs in WEB interfaces or in Microsoft Excel dynamic tables.

Within one sole control panel you will be able to analyse all the defined indicators, applying different filters for each one. This will allow you to analyse the functioning of your IVR in a fast and reliable manner.

Compatible with the main IVR manufacturers and different recognition engines, as well as recognition involving open-ended questions, it is an excellent solution when it comes to measuring the defined indicators with the purpose of improving the automated customer service process.

• Information is valuable, why waste it?

In an era in which information is so valuable, it is necessary to maximise and take advantage of all the sources of information available to a company, with the objective of improving processes to save costs and improve customer service.

• Know first-hand what your clients want.

Convert your “black box” voice portal, with barely any data, into an important source of information that provides you with knowledge on what your clients want and how they can attain it when they contact your customer service centre.

• Quality of the information; “intelligent information”

Traditionally the availability of KPIs in IVR systems has usually meant low level data. With the IVR Universe integration solution you will have at your disposal high level data with which to make decisions.
In addition to the traditional indicators -abandoned calls, calls transferred to agents, etc.-, questions of the type “Is the information provided to the client in this case sufficient?” or “Does the client genuinely understand the question?” are resolved.

• Dynamic data

Visualise your KPIs by filtering as required: date-hour-minute, option of the tree in which it arises, if the interaction is by voice or tones, by how the call ended, etc.



Make decisions

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. By knowing how your clients interact you will be capable of simplifying and improving customer service.

Reduce attention times and save costs

Due to your analysis of the reports, you will be capable of redesigning your voice portal to diminish customer service times, and consequently save costs.

Dynamic information

You will be able to navigate and filter the information from the KPIs by the dimensions that best adapt to your business.


With a simple glance you will be able to make decisions that would otherwise take more time.

IVR platforms:

  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal
  • Genesys Voice Portal
  • Nortel MPS
  • Voxeo Prophecy
  • Altitude
  • any IVR based on VoiceXML technology


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • Microsoft SQL Server

BI Suites:

  • Microsoft Analysis and Reporting Services
  • IBM Cognos
  • Pentaho.